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Massage Therapy Treatment

SK Beauty Signature Treatment (1 hr 30 min)   65.00  

The Signature Treatment is pure relaxation using body brushing to increase circulation and lymph drainage. Steam towels are used on the face, back and feet. A combination of soothing and stretching massage to the back, neck, shoulders, face and feet, including a face mask to induce a feeling of our Serenity Kalm theme. Finishing off with a polish on toes.

Touch Therapy of your choice

Book a time slot and have a treatment customised to your needs. Touch Therapy is choosing massage and facial techniques and areas you want treated. Please ask for further details.

1 hr 15min   60.00  
1 hr 30min    70.00  

Aromatherapy or Swedish Massage

Using Dermalogica's blend of essential oils choose from stress relief or energizing oil.
Fully Body (1hr)    45.00  
Full Body With Scalp and Face (1hr 30 mins)     60.00  
Back (30min)       28.00  

Aromatherapy Treatment (1hr 30min)   60.00  
Full consultation and blending of oils

Scalp Massage

Relieves stress and tension in the neck, shoulders and facial muscles.
(30min)    28.00  
With Face (40 min)      37.00  
Please note oil will be left in the hair

Stress Relief Massage (1hr)

A combination of aromatherapy massage to the back, neck, shoulders, scalp and reflex zones on the feet. Ultimate relaxation!

Reflexology (40mins)      37.00  
A therapeutic foot treatment working on reflex points to distress and re-balance the body. Reflex points are linked to various parts of the body; therefore treating the body as a whole.

La Stone Therapy

La Stone Therapy is a therapeutic massage using hot basalt stones from frozen marble stones. The body is massaged with warm stones creating heat, - which is soothing and relaxing. The cold aids healing and calms inflammation.

Original Body Treatment (1hr30mins)   65.00  
La Stone Back Massage (40min)        42.00  
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